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Leading QuickBooks add-on for today's Route Sales Companies
Pathway to Success
The OCS Program is a tool that can help you get better and what you do. 

The OCS Program will:
> Increase the communication between you and members of your company
> make Managing Inventory and Purchasing easy
> Route more efficiently and effectively
> Quickly and easily create quotes and price comparisons for leads
> Save time by offering customers to place orders online

Tasking - Increase Communication

Quickly enter a service call or reminder to someone in your company and track lapsed time as well as when it was complate.

Route drivers and service techs can enter tasks from their PDA to the office or themselves while in the field

All tasks save to the customer history so you will always be able to see what has happened on an account.  If you have a PDA this information can even be stored on the PDA!


Inventory / Purchasing

Inventory posts directly into QuickBooks

You can manage multiple inventory locations (ie trucks) in The OCS Program

Purchasing is snap with The OCS Program.  Our purchasing process looks at onhand quantity, reorder point, lead time with suppliers as well as project usage based on upcoming customer usage.  Once you place the purchase order it seamlessly transfers to QuickBooks.


Routing / Mapping

Easily setup routes for drivers on any frequency you desire

Our Map Wise Smart Routing capability will recommend what route and stop a new customer should be placed on making the ability to keep your routes tight a snap!

Analyze customer delivery frequencies based on a variety of factors including average delivery amounts, # of refused deliveries, etc.


Sales Leads / Estimates

The OCS Program can provide you leads in your area!  Once the leads are imported or entered into The OCS Program it will track calls, visits and much more.

Easily create a quote comparison for leads that want to compare your price to their existing services prices.  Once the quote is generated you can seamlessly email it to the customer.

Once the quote is accepted The OCS Program will: create the customer in QuickBooks, create various work orders to the appropriate people to prepare equipment, generate the first order and more! 


Online Ordering / Web Interface

The OCS Program online ordering component is great because it seamlessly interfaces into The OCS Program.

Orders will be placed on the drivers Packouts and PDA

Customers will see their average delivery quantity 

You even have an easy way to suggestive sell them on items by customer or by type of customer
That our software is simply a tool that can assist your company in being successful. 

The OCS Program can identify areas of your company that need improvement

Included in the price of the software is FREE weekly LIVE training sessions that you and/or your staff can attend.  Its a great way to ask questions, make suggestions, and find out how other companies operate.
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